Welcome to the life of positivity

Do you also hear millions of coaches telling you they can help you in order to live a life that is more positive?

These coaches all try to get money out of your pocket and sell themselves as the one coach that is the best for you, the one that creates the life you want, they tell you all you are not perfect already how you are. Indeed, they are trying to find your mistakes in order to charge you for them and change them into something else.

Stop here, right now! We all get dizzy from this market of life coaches and cheeky techniques how they get you to pay them a lot of money. There is a simple way how to avoid all these people and how to work on yourself if you know these simple steps:

  1. Know that you are already perfect how you are: Your inner essence, I like to call it inner flame, already came with you when you were born. It decided to live inside your body and accompany you during your whole life time. It is your soul that will always be pure, loving, caring and non-judging. It is unchangeable and that is good that it is!
  2. Tap into your true essence by meditating. That will open up a whole new chapter of your life. It is scientifically proven that meditation not only helps people life a happier life but also helps them focus and concentrate immensely better. “He who is steadfast in meditation becomes firm and clear.” Gandhi says. That means by starting to meditate every day (in the mornings is best or in the evenings before going to bed) you will gradually become more happy with what you have in your life, while your ability to concentrate raises and you also live longer. And the thumb rule here is: Start small (3 minutes a day) and gradually extend your meditation time. That will take the pressure ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. Know what your deepest desires are! What do you think it takes in order to achieve them? How would you feel, achieving them? As soon as you know how you would feel going the path towards your desires you are already walking the way into your fulfilled life. Now it is important to realize that when we are not fulfilled now, we will never feel fulfilled in our life. It is time to therefore walk the path of our dreams and feel the magic and the happiness and the good feelings already along the way. We all know the saying: The way towards the goal is already the goal! This all makes perfect sense because we all know that the feeling we have during the whole process is already what we need in order to live a fulfilled life. It is the emotion that makes us excited when we just imagine the pictures in our heads how we are going to feel when we achieve our aim. So do not stop dreaming and start walking your way of desires! Everything else will fall into place afterwards.


How are you feeling now? You haven’t heard of these steps yet? It is okay, now you know them. I wish I would have known them when I was 16 years old. They could have solved me a lot of life stress and problems. I was suicidal at that time because life didn’t make sense to me when I was in puberty and I wanted to kill myself. Good enough that I didn’t do it at that time and that I found great healing while leaving my home country and traveling to Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam.

Please let me know how these steps work on yourself and what they have changed in your life so far?


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