What are your deepest desires?

Do you hear this voice in your head telling you that there is so much more to experience in this life and that there is so much more than what you are achieving right now? The voice that is telling us that it is finally time to not let our life get directed by others but by us! It is time to feel alive and to live life to the fullest and to realize that we are the creator of our own life!
When I was sixteen years old I didn’t know anymore what it means to live a fulfilled life and to live a life free from outer judgements. There were several dark nights when I locked myself in my room and stayed awake the whole night in order to fix a camera that I broke from my mum. I felt all her worries and sadness she transferred onto me and the urge to make the camera working again. If I didn’t get the camera fixed  I would fail in the eyes of my mum and I wouldn’t be worth it and not perfect enough, I thought. I didn’t manage to fix this digital device in the end, in my fear I actually damaged it even more. After this event, a belief was stuck in my mind and that was that I have to be perfect in order to be loved by my mum. To mention one, this is the least painful memory from my childhood. Of course, nobody is perfect and will never be, just because we are humans and humans are not perfect. What means perfect anyway? Even the Leaning Tower of Pisa which is a famous building in Italy is not perfect but very popular because of his uniqueness. So why don’t we strive for uniqueness rather than perfection? If everyone in this world would use their talents and uniqueness to help others that don’t have these talents and in order receive from them the gifts that they have to offer, we wouldn’t have these man-made problems anymore. We could give and receive and wouldn’t have to think about profit. The world would be in a flow with us together.
After puberty on my travels through Australia, I realised that the only love that is important now is the love that I give myself that comes from the inside and not the outside world. I slowly got to transform my beliefs into positive loving affirmations for myself and was able to give better love to other people afterwards. It is only when we feel healed that we can be there with our full presence for other people, too. If we still need to fuel ourselves with love, then we should do this first. It is like a psychotherapist who needs to go through treatments himself first and gets analysed before he is able to book appointments with clients to heal those. Another example is that only when we are clear about our aims that we then can take action towards them, otherwise we will keep swimming on the surface of attention seekers and get taken in by all the advertisements on the Internet and the cities.
Please take a minute to just close your eyes. Yes, right now, right here. It will only take a minute of your lifetime, so if you feel you are going to waste your time, then it is only for a minute. There are so many other distractions on TV or advertisements on the Internet that have taken more than one minute of your time so this won’t be a big loss then if you think you can’t profit from this exercise. I recommend you still, to give it a try. You will feel very different soon, you will gain some incredible change inside your body.
Close your eyes now and turn yourself inwards. This is where the magic is going to happen. If you are surrounded by people, it is fine, too. Nobody will realize that you are doing this relaxing technique right now. It looks like you just take a little break in your day and take a nap. Become aware of your breath.  Feel how the air is coming through the tip of your nose when you are breathing in, feel it flowing out of your body when you are breathing it out of your mouth. Slowly become aware of the breath again as soon as thoughts are arising in your mind. This is a natural process in your mind when thoughts are coming. It is like the clouds in the sky (your thoughts) that are coming and going but the sky will always be there (your inner stillness). Whatever comes your way, come back to your breath and you will find how stillness and inner peace will fill out especially your heart area and slowly expand into your whole body. Take another deep breath in, count to 4 seconds, hold it for 7 seconds and breath out for the count of 8. Now take a new breath in for the count of 4, hold the breath for 7 seconds and breath our for the count of 8. Open your eyes again. Do you feel how your whole body feels so light and your brain feels like it was freshly washed with clear, blue, cleaning water? All this just by becoming aware of your breath.
Isn’t that experience incredible and rejuvenating? The very best is that you can use this technique wherever and whenever you want, it just takes a minute of your life time.
And which are your desires, your dreams, you have since a long time but which you haven’t realised yet? If you don’t know yet, try the breathing exercise again and concentrate on visualising your dreams and desires.

Please let me know in the Contact Form, which dreams and desires that mean a lot to you came up with this awareness exercise. I am super excited to hear from you and help you guide you further into that direction.

What do you think it takes to achieve them?

Now, since you know what your dreams and goals are that you really strive to achieve, we need to clarify how much effort it takes to transform them from your mind picture into your reality picture. Very important is the Law of Attraction here. You haven’t heard about the Law of Attraction yet? In this world everything has a specific energy, the batteries of your smartphone, for example, are charged positively and negatively on each side. The same appeals to actions, thoughts and vibrations. If we raise our energy and this is how we raise our own vibration, we can be the best servant for us and for others. Then, everything we will do will come out of our highest state of mind, our “Higher- Self”- state. That means that we will be in service for others which comes out of the heart purpose and in which we want the very best for the other person and for us.

How would you feel doing it?


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